What kind of responses can I expect?

What are some people's reactions to using Alyce?

New Alyce users will often ask us what kind of responses our users hear when using Alyce to get in touch with prospects. We wanted to share some of the responses we’ve received when prospects receive gifts via Alyce:

“This was the best direct mail piece I have received…”

“...this is absolutely the way to get someone’s attention…” 

"This was a super cool experience, and super fun. I think our customers would LOVE this. So much better than us guessing a gift for them today. Or defaulting to wine!"

Those who donate the value of their gift to charity also have expressed their happiness with receiving a gift from Alyce:

“Thank you [name removed for anonymity], and looking forward to working with you as well! I figured I would be tough to gift as I keep a pretty low online footprint :)

Regardless of what I picked, I was hoping to donate as I absolutely love that…”

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