How to Bulk Upload Team Members to Alyce

With the ability to bulk upload your team, you'll be able to configure your teams and their campaigns before your reps are in the tool. This ensures a smooth and timely onboarding so you and your reps can star started using Alyce quickly.

To upload bulks users in Alyce:

  1. In the Admin Navigation click on the down carrot next to your picture and choose Team Settings, 
  2. Select the team you want to add new members to, then click on the green button that says "+ Add New Member."

  3. At the bottom of the box that appears, you'll see "Want to bulk upload new members? Switch to bulk add." Click "Switch to build add," and a new dialogue box will appear. 

  4. Begin the upload process by downloading the Build Upload Spreadsheet. 

  5. Using the spreadsheet, enter the names of the individuals you'd like to join this team in Alyce. Be sure to include the following information in separate columns:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Role (or Job Title)
  6. Once your sheet has been formatted, reupload the sheet by dragging and dropping into the new dialogue box or click "Select a File" to choose a file from your desktop. 
  7. After the upload is complete, click "Send Invites" to welcome your new team members to their team in Alyce.