Getting Started: How to Create an Alyce Activate™ Campaign

Alyce Activate™ offers you an alternative to sending one gift at a time by using a universal gift link. Through the universal gift link, team members have the ability to engage with a static and dynamic list of contacts by sharing the link in emails, landing pages, or direct messages. 

Getting Started - How to Create an Alyce Activate Campaign

Once your CSM has added Alyce Activate to your subscription, Alyce Admins will now have the option to configure this campaign type from Campaign Settings.

From the main dashboard, click on your User Name and avatar, then select "Campaign Settings." 

Once in Campaign Settings, select "Create a New Campaign."  

Once in the Campaign configuration, you'll be prompted to select the campaign type. Select "Activate Campaign" to begin configuring your campaign. Choose the country your recipients are located in. 

 In the next step, you will be prompted to name your Alyce Activate Campaign. After you've entered your campaign name, click "Next Step."  

After your campaign is named, you'll need to assign the Activate campaign to a team and a team member. The team member you select will be added as the "From" contact in all correspondence associated with the gift (email, landing page, meeting calendar). Use the dropdown select menus to find your team and team member.   Also included in this step, is to select which country your gifts will primarily be sent. Use the dropdown select menu to update the country. Recipients in the US and Canada will be able to toggle between those options in the Marketplace when they exchange a gift. Activate Campaigns created for the UK or Ireland will restrict recipients to those countries in the Marketplace if they choose to exchange their gift.

How to Link Marketo to Alyce Activate 

Please see How to Link a Static List from Marketo to Alyce Activate or How to Link a Smart Campaign From Marketo to Alyce Activate if your campaign members will be coming from Marketo.

How to Upload a Static List to Alyce Activate 

 Once in the Alyce Activate campaign creation flow, select "Upload a XLS Template."  

To properly format your list of contacts, "Download the XLS template."  Add all the contacts to the spreadsheet template using the fields outlined. After you've formatted your list of contacts for upload, select "Choose File" and upload your file.  

Select "Next Step" to proceed through the remaining steps to configure your Alyce Activate campaign. 

How to Configure an Alyce Activate Campaign

After you've added contacts to your activate campaign, the following steps outline how to configure your campaign and generate your Universal Gift Link.

With Alyce Activate, your gift recipients have the option to redeem your default gift or opt to swap that gift for something else in the Alyce marketplace. To customize the gifts in this campaign's marketplace, use the checkboxes to remove Gift Types you  do not want your gift recipients to redeem from the marketplace.  

Please note: Activate campaigns outside the United States and Canada will be restricted to Gift Cards and Donations.

To prohibit the selection of certain vendors, use the Vendor Selection menu to deactivate certain vendors you  do not want your gift recipients to redeem from the marketplace.  

To add a band of spend around the gifts available in the marketplace, use the Gift Range fields to customize:  Minimum Gift Amount, Maximum Gift Amount, Maximum Gift Card Amount, and Maximum Donation Amount.  

At this point, you'll now be able to select the default gift for your campaign.  This is the campaign that will be featured on the gift landing page. Use the search bar or filters to select a Default Gift.   All gifts sent through Activate include a Default Message for all recipients- this is the message that will be featured on the gift landing page.  When composing a Default Message, keep in mind this one message will be sent to all gift recipients. 

Through Alyce Activate, you can require certain Recipient Actions from your gift recipients prior to them redeeming their gift, such as booking a meeting. Click "yes" to reveal your options and set recipient actions. 

Set an expiration date using the dropdown menu under "when should the Activate link expire?"   

The final step of configuring your Alyce Activate campaign is to Generate a Universal Gift Link. Once your link is generated, you can click the blue button next to the link to copy it, then click "Save your campaign and close." Copy and paste the Universal Gift Link to an email, a landing page, or share it directly with your gift recipients.   

View recipients and add more to the campaign

At any time you can view the recipients that are allowed to access your gift link. Simply navigate back to the campaign settings and click on "Recipients restrictions" under the General tab.

 This will show you a list of recipients and allow you to whitelist more individually or in bulk by clicking on the options below the recipient list. 

How to check the status of your static list upload

You can leave and come back to check on a campaign and the status of your upload. To do so:

  1. Click on your admin profile pic.
  2. Select “campaign settings” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll halfway down the page to Your draft campaigns.
  4. Icons will show to the left of the campaign.

There are 3 types of icons:

Green: This means contacts have been uploaded successfully.

  • Under the icon, it will say how many contacts have been validated successfully which is updated in real-time.
  • If your contacts are uploaded and you’re ready to generate a campaign, click on the campaign to open the sidebar to the last step giving you the ability to generate a campaign link.

Orange: This means the campaign has not been fully configured yet.

  • Orange says that there are no contact upload issues, but the campaign needs more configuration before generating a link. 
  • If you click on a campaign with an orange icon it will open up the sidebar to the most recently configured step.

Red: This means an error occurred while loading contacts. If you generate a link when there are issues with the upload, any contacts with issues will not be eligible to receive a gift from this campaign.

  • When a user clicks on a campaign with a red icon it will open the sidebar to step #9 where a user can see errors and can download a report.