Alyce for Chrome FAQs

How do I install the extension? 

Follow this link, add the extension to Chrome, login via the login flow, and you’re set! 

Where does Alyce for Chrome work?

Currently Alyce for Chrome is fully integrated within Gmail and LinkedIn and will work across all other sites including Salesforce and Outlook 365. This means that in Gmail & LinkedIn, Alyce for Chrome will recognize the contacts on the page you're on automatically.  On all other sites, contacts on the page will not be recognized automatically, but you can still search for contacts within the extension, access research, and send gifts.

Do I get Alyce research in real time now? 

Not yet.  Alyce for Chrome will still take the same amount of time as regular research.  

Can I create a Salesforce Contact or Lead from Alyce for Chrome? 

Not yet.  Currently creating gifts in Alyce for Chrome does NOT create new contacts in Salesforce.

Does Alyce for Chrome work with credits-based budgeting?

No.  Alyce for Chrome works for teams using Enterprise Budgeting.

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