How to Disable a Campaign in Alyce

Alyce users with Admin access have the ability to turn off or disable Personal Gifting campaigns in Alyce. When campaigns are turned off, Gift Senders are not able to select them through the gifting flow for individual or bulk gifting. Please scroll down to see tips on managing a 1:Many Campaign

 Disabling a campaign allows you to: 

  • Limit the number of active campaigns for your sales reps to use, thus limiting any confusion or clutter. 
  • Provide access only to campaigns for which gift invitations have been allotted.
  • Use campaigns for a set period of time ( ie, for a webinar or event registration ).

Here is how to disable a Personal Gifting campaign:

  1. Navigate to the campaign that you'd like to disable. Click "Campaign Settings."
  2. Once in the Campaign settings menu, scroll down to "Disable Campaign." Once you toggle the switch to Off, it will turn red and automatically save. 

Once your campaign has been disabled, your Gift Senders will no longer have access to this Campaign through the Alyce Dashboard, the Salesforce plugin, or the Chrome Extension. Additionally, you will not be able to move gifts to the disabled campaign, however, Admins are able to move gifts from disabled campaigns to other active campaigns.

Lastly, if a Gift Sender has created or sent a gift before disabling a campaign, that gift will still be able to be sent. Disabling a campaign does not disable gifts in the campaign. You can expire gifts individually from your dashboard. If you need a large number of gifts to be expired, please reach out to [email protected]

1:Many Campaigns

Due to the nature of these types of Campaigns, they cannot be disabled. Instead, you can update the expiration date of the campaign.

Start by opening the Campaign from your Campaign Setting page 

In the "Details" tab, click the expiration dropdown, and change your Campaign to "Custom Date"

This will open a calendar where you can select any date after the current day. Campaigns cannot be expired the same day. 

Be sure to save your new campaign settings. Visitors who try to use a link for the 1:Many campaign will get a message that the link has expired, and directed to contact the campaign's owner.

Expiring a 1:Many Campaign will expire all gifts which have not been claimed. 

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