How to Set Up an Alyce Campaign with a Curated Gift Collection

Alyce has released a curated collection of gifts that help with trending current events to help companies stay relevant and empathetic with their gifting while still fostering a sense of personal experience and relationships.

Here’s how you can create a campaign in Alyce for your own team to capitalize on this curated gift collection: 

Navigate to your campaign settings and click on “Create New Campaign” and choose standard campaign

Give your campaign a Name, a Team, and an Owner, then click on “Create Campaign” Once you’ve done that, you will be taken to this screen. Here you can determine if you’d like to Send the Gifts on behalf of a member of your team, choose your gift research options (requiring research, disallowing research, or giving your team a choice of either. For this campaign we suggest giving your team a choice of either).

You can create different campaigns for each of the members of your sales team so you, as a marketer, can send a gift on behalf of your sales team!

Up at the top of your campaign settings, click over to Gift Invites. Set your gift budget - however much you’d like to spend per person. Choose your gift invitation method - in this case, you can keep it digital and only send email invitations to keep it simple! Set up your gift limit, so that your team has restrictions on how many gifts they can send per person. If you don’t want to put limits on any senders, you can just skip this step!
Choose your gift types. If you’d like to only send a specific kind of gift, like charitable donations, experiences, or branded products, you’ll set those parameters here! This next section is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! This is where you can use the Alyce Trending Gift Collection - this has all trending items that would come as timely, relevant, and empathetic gifts for current happenings in the world:

Set up your required actions - whether it’s to book a meeting, answer questions, or give a phone number, required actions are what gift recipients need to do before they claim their gift. You can also use the setting that allows teammates to change the required actions on a per-person basis, or restrict that setting as well:

Finally, set up your gift expiration, we default this to 90 days so if that works for you, no need to change this setting! There you have it! Your campaign is set up and ready to be used!  

Tips for your email outreach:

Be authentic, genuine, and human. Make sure you’re empathizing with your customers and prospects situations, and be human. 

If you want, you can even use a Video Recording tool, record a video with a hosted link, and include that in your outreach to add another personal touch!

What results you can expect from your outreach: 

Many customers have been sending more and more recipients donations to charities and relevant gifts that coincide with timely world events - most recently the COVID19 virus that drove many customers and prospects to start working from home. 

The responses from those campaigns have been extremely positive. Not only are the email open rates higher than normal, but the gifts that are being viewed are being claimed at an average rate of 80%. 

Sales teams have received countless thank you messages from recipients, and some customers and prospects have even expressed public thanks with posts on social media. 

By staying empathetic and understanding where your prospects are at with global news, you can ensure that you’re creating the kinds of relationships that will allow you to create lasting impressions on your prospects and customers.