Troubleshooting - Collecting a HAR Log

The Alyce Support Team may ask for a HAR Log to help diagnose issues in the platform. This article explains how to download and send a HAR Log to Alyce Support from Chrome.

Navigate to the URL where you are experiencing issues. If this happens as you work through a flow, start at the beginning of the flow.

Right click anywhere on the page to bring up the page menu. Then click "Inspect."Depending on your settings, the Developer Tools may appear anywhere on the page, or in a pop-out. In the Developer Tools top menu bar, click on the Network option. You may need to expand the menu if your window is narrow.

Reload the page, or work through the flow that is causing the error you are seeing. When you are done and the page has loaded, and you've replicated the error, right click anywhere in the Name column to pull up the menu. Click "Save all as HAR with content." This will capture all the logging from within your browser.

Save the file with your organization name or your name, and email it as an attachment to [email protected]