The Alyce Gift Experience

At Alyce, we love delighted customers. We know you do too! Our Recipient Experience ensures your recipients have the smoothest experience possible. 

A gift redemption page with privacy in mind

Our gift redemption page allows your recipients to accept, exchange or donate their gift.

The page has been refreshed with a slightly more updated look. We also added our privacy policy and opt-in language to improve compliance with privacy regulations.

Choose the perfect gift from the Marketplace

You have chosen the almost-perfect gift, but choice is a good thing. Your recipients can now go shopping from our marketplace, selecting the perfect gift. As always, they will only see options that fit your Campaign parameters. 

The marketplace got a sleek new look that’s easier to search, sort, and filter. Easy drop down menus keep the page super clean and all the options above the fold.

Wrong country? Now your recipient can change their location with a simple click in the upper right hand of the marketplace. This will immediately adjust the gifts they see.

Browsing products in the marketplace is now quick and simple with the product details shelf in the sidebar instead of a separate page. A recipient can click on a product, have the product show up in the sidebar and quickly “x” out to continue browsing where they left off. 

In the spirit of always being personal, we brought the gifter into the marketplace to build familiarity and enhance the experience.

The previous Alyce marketplace

Clear gift card delivery

We heard you when you said gift card delivery is confusing. Now, recipients will get a redemption code right in the browser. No more lost emails!

When a recipient clicks the “Claim your gift card” button, they’ll be taken to a redemption page. Easy peasy!

Scheduling a meeting is easier

We’ve made the meeting scheduling page clearer, and kept your information in the sidebar, continuing to build familiarity throughout the experience. Your prospects and customers will be able to see at a glance available meeting times, with details on who they’ll be chatting with.

Whether or not reps use an integrated calendar, recipient’s will experience the same meeting scheduler. 

Previous Calendar experience - 

When your campaign is set to ask a question in the gift redemption process, your gifting profile is also present in the left margin. This has been separated from the general confirmation for clarity.Your recipients will have a clear idea of what you are asking for, and see your branding and name throughout the flow.


No one wants to wonder what’s next. Our new confirmation page wraps up the important details, and ends the experience on a warm note.

Recipients will now find approximate shipping times on this page.  

Previous confirmation pag

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