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The first step to getting started with Alyce is to set up your profile. The purpose of a profile is to:

  • Personalize your gifting experience: when your prospect/customer opens it up - they'll have no doubt who it was from!
  • Connect your email so gift invitations can be sent from your own email account.
  • Integrate your calendar so Alyce can automatically add meetings any time a prospect takes the required actions to accept their gift. Less work for you and more meetings. Win-win!



Setting up Your User Profile 

  1. Navigate to your user icon in the top right of the dashboard, click on "Personal Settings" 


  2. Click on "Profile & Settings" 

  3. On this page, add your Profile Photo, Display Name, Your Role, and Phone Number 


Connecting Your Email & Calendar

  1. In your personal settings, navigate to "Integrations" integrations.png

Please note: if your organization has authenticated your domain, your email has already been connected. You will only have the option to integrate your calendar. 

  1. If you use Outlook, click "Sign in with Microsoft" and follow the sign-in flow. For details on the permissions required from Microsoft, please visit our Microsoft FAQs page.
  2. If you use Google Mail, click on "Sign in with Google" and follow the sign-in flow. The permissions required are:

Adjust Calendar Settings

Once you have connected your calendar, you can adjust your calendar settings.  

  1. Navigate to "Profile & Settings" and select the "Settings" tab 
  2. From here, you can set the following settings: 
    • Password
    • Calendar Availability: this setting allows you to control when meetings are allowed to be booked on your calendar
      • Set which days you are typically available
      • Set your usual working hours cal_availability.png
    • Calendar Preferences: this setting allows you to set:
      • Your Timezone
      • Respect Free/Busy Time on Your Calendar 
      • Default Meeting Length 
      • Buffer Time Between Meetings
      • Meeting Availability Window (how long after a meeting is booked can it be set) 
      • Default Meeting Place (Phone Call, Zoom Link, etc.) cal_settings2.png



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