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The first step to getting started with Alyce is to set up your profile. The purpose of a profile is to:

  • Personalize your gifting experience: when your prospect/customer opens it up - they'll have no doubt who it was from!
  • Connect your email so gift invitations can be sent from your own email account.
  • Integrate your calendar so Alyce can automatically add meetings any time a prospect takes the required actions to accept their gift. Less work for you and more meetings. Win-win!



Setting up Your User Profile 

  1. Navigate to your user icon in the top right of the dashboard, click on "Personal Settings" 


  2. Click on "Profile & Settings" 

  3. On this page, add your Profile Photo, Display Name, Your Role, and Phone Number 


Connecting Your Email & Calendar

  1. In your personal settings, navigate to "Integrations" integrations.png

  2. If you use Outlook, click "Sign in with Microsoft" and follow the sign-in flow. For details on the permissions required from Microsoft, please visit our Microsoft FAQs page.
  3. If you use Google Mail, click on "Sign in with Google" and follow the sign-in flow. The permissions required are:

Adjust Calendar Settings

Once you have connected your calendar, you can adjust your calendar settings.  

  1. Navigate to "Profile & Settings" and select the "Settings" tab 
  2. From here, you can set the following settings: 
    • Password
    • Calendar Availability: this setting allows you to control when meetings are allowed to be booked on your calendar
      • Set which days you are typically available
      • Set your usual working hours cal_availability.png
    • Calendar Preferences: this setting allows you to set:
      • Your Timezone
      • Respect Free/Busy Time on Your Calendar 
      • Default Meeting Length 
      • Buffer Time Between Meetings
      • Meeting Availability Window (how long after a meeting is booked can it be set) 
      • Default Meeting Place (Phone Call, Zoom Link, etc.) cal_settings2.png



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