How to Upload Recipients and Submit for Research


Ready to start sending gift invitations? This article will show you how to upload recipients into Alyce. There are two ways: individually or in bulk upload. This document will show you how to do both. First, visit the sending gifts instructions, then go to the instructions for the type of upload you're doing:

Individual Upload

When uploading one contact at a time to Alyce for research in the New Experience, start on the homepage and click "Send a gift" in the top right: 



  1. If you think/know you have already sent a gift to this contact previously, search for that person in the search box: 


  2. If your contact does not exist yet, select "Create a New Contact

  3. Enter your contact's information and select "Add Recipient": 


  4. You will then see this screen, and the research for your prospect will be returned shortly!  


Bulk Upload

More often than not, marketers will upload lists of contacts in bulk so that sales reps do not have to always submit prospects for research on a one-off basis.  Here is the process you should take for bulk uploading a list of contacts for research:  

  1. Start again by selecting "Send a Gift" and come to this screen:


  2. Select "Bulk Upload a List" 

  3. Select the team you are uploading the list to 


  4. Download the XLS template.  Add all the contacts to the spreadsheet template using the fields outlined: 


  5. When you've completed and saved your Excel file with all contacts you want to upload for research, select "Choose File" and upload your file.  Click "Upload file and preview"

  6. You can then preview the upload line by line, and select the campaign you would like the uploaded contacts to be assigned to: 


  7. Click "Verify and upload your list" and you're finished!  Alyce will begin researching your list.


Alyce Legacy Experience (Legacy Clients)

  1. Log into the Alyce platform by clicking "LOG IN" in the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your e-mail address and password, or click "Sign in with Google.”Image_2019-06-26_at_3.23.49_PM.png
  2. Once logged in, you will be brought to your Alyce dashboard. Click on your name/the team name in the upper right-hand corner to see your team options.
  3. Click on the team under which you want to send a gift(s).
  4. Click “SEND A GIFT” in the upper right-hand corner.
  5. Decide whether you want Alyce to recommend gifts or if you want to choose it on your own - we recommend letting Alyce help you unless you already have something in mind.
  6. Choose the campaign under which you want to send a gift(s). Click "NEXT STEP."
  7. Decide if you want to upload gift recipients individually or in bulk. If you are going to send gifts individually, proceed to the next section in this guide. If you want to upload in bulk, click the “switch to bulk send” in the blue box and proceed to the “Bulk Upload” part of this guide.


Individual upload: 

Please complete the fields on the page. With the exception of the first name, last name, email and "tell us a bit more," the information on this page will be automatically generated from your campaign settings, but can be edited. Below is a guide of what all the fields are looking for: 

  • First name, last name, and e-mail address are required fields. Alyce will never send anything to the uploaded e-mail without your permission. We use the e-mail address to research public information and find a personalized gift for you to send them. 
  • Country: let us know if the recipient is from the United States or Canada.
  • Budget: specify the budget for this gift. 
  • Show me gifts that are: options include: perfectly matched, not too personal, shareable.
    • Best practices: we recommend you choose perfectly matched.
  • Change who this is sent from: check this box if you're uploading a recipient on someone else's behalf and you’ll be given the opportunity to choose who should be listed as the person who sent the gift invitation.
  • Require action from the recipient to accept: select the actions that you want to require the recipient to do in order for them to receive the gift. 
  • How many gift options would you like to receive for each recipient: let Alyce know if you want to see 1 option or 3 options. Note: whether you choose 1 or 3 options, you will see them before the gift invitation is sent to the recipient. 
    • Best practices: we suggest you choose 3 options.
  • Tell us a bit more: this is optional, but the more details you provide, the better the recommendations we can provide.
  • Click "Next Step." You'll see a message like the following and should receive gift recommendations in the next couple of days, at most:


Bulk upload: 

To get to the bulk upload page, refer to the "sending gifts" part of this article.

  • Choose your default gift budget for the recipients you will be uploading in the XLS file. Note: budgets set in your XLS file will override this default number.
  • Click “DOWNLOAD ALYCE XLS TEMPLATE” and reference the following "What to put in the XLS template columns?” guide to complete it. Note: you'll see in the downloaded Excel sheet that required fields are in red. Note that the only required fields are the first name, last name, and e-mail address of the gift recipient.What_to_put_in_the_XLS_template_columns_.png
  • Fill out the sheet as much as you can, then upload the file where it says “UPLOAD FILE” under Section 2: Upload Your Contacts.
  • How many gift options would you like to receive for each recipient: let Alyce know if you want to see 1 option or 3 options. Note: whether you choose 1 or 3 options, you will see them before the gift invitation is sent to the recipient. 
    • Best practices: we suggest you choose 3 options.
  • If everything looks good, click on "IMPORT GIFTS" for Alyce to start doing research on your recipients. 
  • If there is an issue with your upload, Alyce will tell you. If this happens, update your spreadsheet and upload the document again. If you are running into problems, your CSM is here to help.
  • Once your XLS file is uploaded, you should begin receiving gift recommendations in the next couple of days. Please note that sometimes bulk uploads will take longer to process since every gift recommendation is human-verified by the Alyce team. 


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