Types of Gift Invitations


Alyce is pleased to offer a variety of gift invitations. Our Sales and Customer Success teams are here to help you determine which gift invitations are the best fit for you to send to your prospects/clients. 

All gift invitation types include personalized gift messages with your company logo (for annual subscribers). 

Note: a gift invitation is not the same thing as the actual gift. With Alyce, you first send an invitation (in one of the formats, as described below) and then the gift is shipped if/when it is accepted or exchanged.

Below is a brief overview of the different types of gift invitations that Alyce offers:


Email invitations

  • The fastest way to get your invitation to your recipient 
  • Sustainability: zero waste
  • Timing: invitation sent immediately after the gift is confirmed



Monogrammed cedar edition invitation

  • Handcrafted box is engraved with your recipient’s initials (2 or 3 letters)


  • Sustainability: a tree is planted for each invitation sent (planted by Woodchuck, the manufacturer of the box)
  • Timing: 10 business days for box to be shipped


Gallery edition invitation

  • Eye-catching box highlights artwork from ArtLifting and Artists for Humanity artists
  • Includes artist story inside the lid


  • Sustainability: art cover is ready for display after opening
  • Timing: 7 business days for box to be shipped


Sleek edition invitation

  • Simple invitation with minimalist design


  • Timing: 7 business days for invitation to be shipped


LovePop card

  • Colorful and unique with 3D pop-ups inside


  • Sustainability: card is recyclable
  • Timing: 7 business days for card to be shipped
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