How to change the owner of a campaign


Why change campaign ownership?

Sometimes, you step out for a week to enjoy the sunshine and you want to make sure your campaigns are appropriately managed while you’re gone.

Sometimes, you move on from a role and you want to transfer ownership of your campaigns so that your team can continue to use them without setting up new ones.

As a team admin, transferring ownership of any campaign is super easy in the campaign settings.

How to change ownership of a campaign:

1. Start by clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Campaign settings” from the dropdown.


2. Select the campaign you’d like to transfer ownership of. You can use the search bar to type in your campaign’s name. 



3. Make sure you’ve selected “Settings & Permissions” in the left hand margin


4. Scroll down to “Campaign owner” and click “Change.”


5. Under “Who should be the campaign owner?” click the dropdown menu. All team owners should be listed. Select the user you want to manage the campaign. Click “Save.”



🎉  Congratulations! You have successfully transferred the ownership of your campaign.

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