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I Received An Alyce Gift

How to claim a gift sent through the Alyce platform

4 articles

Training Resources

Learn to use Alyce

2 articles

Understanding Alyce

Introduction to using and navigating Alyce

6 articles

Managing Alyce Settings


Track spending and budgets in Alyce

4 articles

Organization Settings

Organization-level settings and security features

13 articles

Personal Settings

Create and manage your Alyce profile

8 articles

Team Settings

Manage Users and Team settings as an Alyce Admin

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Gifting and Campaign Management

General Campaign Management

Tips, tricks, and guides for managing campaigns in Alyce

17 articles

The Alyce Marketplace

Navigating and using the Alyce Marketplace

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Gift Messaging and Templates

4 articles

Personal Gifting (1:1) Campaigns

Creating and managing Personal Gifting

17 articles

1:Many Campaigns

Create and manage Alyce 1:Many Campaigns

9 articles

Prospecting Campaigns

Creating and managing bulk send campaigns

7 articles

Redemption Card Campaigns

Creating and managing SWAG and Redemption card campaigns

1 article



Installing and managing the Eloqua for Alyce Integration

4 articles


Connecting Alyce to your Google account. Using the Alyce Chrome Extension

6 articles


Installing and using the Alyce HubSpot Integration

5 articles


Installing and using the Alyce Marketo Integration

11 articles


Connecting Alyce to Outlook Email & Calendar. Installing and using Microsoft Teams

2 articles

Okta Integration

1 article


Installing and using the Alyce for Outreach Integration

5 articles


Installing and managing the Alyce for Salesforce Integration

23 articles


Installing and using the Alyce for Salesloft Integration

2 articles


Adding video to gift invitations and gift landing pages with Vidyard

2 articles