Enabling Alyce Gift Email Notifications

When getting started, team admins will often ask us which e-mail notifications we recommend enabling when they create new campaigns - this article seeks to help you determine which email notifications you should enable.

Ultimately, this is a personal preference, but the majority of team admins enable e-mail notifications at all stages of the gifting process for all parties involved. In other words, they check every box when setting up email notifications for a campaign, as seen here:

Your CSM is available to help you think through the best strategy for you and your team in terms of email notifications. 

The following are the people who can receive email notifications:

  • Campaign Owner - this is the person who created the campaign (note: the campaign owner can be, but does not have to be, the team owner)
  • Gift Sender - this is the person who has chosen the gift
  • Gift Send-As Person - this is the person on whose behalf the gift is being sent

The following are the stages at which email notifications can be sent:

  • Need More Information
    • Alyce is requiring additional information to complete research - please log in to Alyce to provide more information. 

  • Gift Options Are Ready
    • Research has been completed, and gift options are ready. You can now select the gift and send an invitation. Please note that this email is not sent for Instant Gifts  

  • Gift Invitation is Delivered (Physical Invites)
    • Gift invitation has been delivered to the recipient, but they have not yet inputted the gift code online to view the landing page.
  • Gift Viewed
    • Gift invitation has been viewed, but not yet acted on. The recipient has not yet accepted, exchanged, donated, or declined the gift.
  • Gift Accepted/Declined
    • The recipient has either accepted or declined their gift.
  • Gift Expired
    • The gift expired before being acted on.

How do I navigate to my email settings?

Email settings are customizable by Campaign. 

Navigate to your Campaign settings page, and select the campaign you want to customize.

Open the Campaign Settings by hovering next to the campaign and choosing "Edit Settings" from the "Action" dropdown menu.

Edit Email notifications by clicking the "Change" button. Check or uncheck boxes to make your selections, and then click "Save" to save your new settings.

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