Recipient Experience: Accept, Exchange, or Donate

Alyce’s recipient-first approach is built around the gift experience. Each step of receiving a gift is centered around the person the gift is for.

Step 1 — Claim the gift

Gift Recipients have several choices of what they could do with the gift.

Accept your gift

Click on Accept your gift button to claim the gift sent by the gifter 

Exchange your gift

Click on Exchange your gift button to exchange for something else on the Alyce marketplace. The Alyce marketplace is full of different types of gifts, including physical items, experiences, subscriptions, and more. 

Donate your gift

Click on Donate gift value button to donate the value of the gift to a charity of your choice. Many recipients enjoy having the ability to donate the value of their gift to charity. There are a wide variety of charities in our Marketplace. 

What if the gift is not available at my location?

Alyce automatically determines the country where you’re located, and if the original gift isn’t available at your location we offer to exchange your gift for something else at your local marketplace. Click on [Country] Marketplace button to explore the marketplace customized for your location.

Protip: Click on the Continue anyway button if we determined the wrong country and you’re able to receive the gift in the country where the gift is available. 

Step 2 — Schedule a meeting

At this page you could schedule a meeting with the person who sent you the gift. On the left sidebar you see details on whom you’ll be chatting with. 

Step 3 — Enter the shipping address for the gift delivery

Start typing your shipping address and Alyce suggests an address as you type. Once you submitted an address, we will run it against an official database to ensure the address is valid, reducing the risk of returned and undeliverable gifts. 

Step 4 — Confirm details

The last step is to confirm the details and receive the gift. 

Redeeming a gift card

If you receive a gift card, click on Claim your gift card now button. You’ll be taken to a redemption page. 

Decline your gift

If the recipient does not want to accept a gift, or is unable to accept the gift due to industry regulations, clicking the "I'm not interested" link will allow them to decline the gift.

The next screen prompts the recipient to give a reason for declining the gift

Declining the gift will disable the gift, and halt any further alerts.

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