Recipient Experience: Accept, Exchange, or Donate

With Alyce, you send your recipient an invitation (either via a physical invitation or an email invitation) which has a URL and giftcode which will guide them to the Alyce website. Your recipient has several choices of what they can do with the gift invitation you sent them:

Accept the gift you chose

If your recipient accepts the gift you chose, then you did a great job. The gift will be sent to your recipient shortly. For an overview of the timing of when your recipient will receive their gift, please visit this article. If you required your recipient to take an action in order to receive the gift, then you will be provided with the requested information (email, phone number, meeting details, etc.). You can find more details about requiring a recipient to take an action to receive their gift.

Exchange it for another gift on the Alyce marketplace

Your recipient might decide to exchange the gift you sent them for something else on the Alyce marketplace. The Alyce marketplace is full of different types of gifts, including physical items, experiences, subscriptions, and more. Visit this article to learn more about the different types of gifts on the Alyce marketplace.

We commonly hear from recipients that they love having the ability to exchange their gift for something on the Alyce marketplace. Don't get discouraged if your gift recipient chooses a gift card instead of your well-thought out gift. They may have their eye on something special, and you've just given them a way to purchase it. Go, you!

Donate the value of the gift to a charity of their choice

Your recipient might be inclined to donate the value of the gift you chose to a charity of their choice. Alyce gives your recipient the ability to choose the charity that will receive the value of your gift. If your recipient wants to donate their gift to a charity that isn’t already in Alyce’s list of charities, Alyce allows your recipient to choose a new charity.

Many recipients enjoy having the ability to donate the value of their gift to charity. There are a wide variety of charities in our Marketplace, or your recipient can let us know their favorite, and we will send a donation in their name.

Note: if your recipient exchanges their gift or donates the value of it to charity and you required them to take an action in order to receive the gift, they will still have to take the required actions in order to receive the gift/make the donation. You can find details in this article about requiring a recipient to take an action to receive their gift.

Decline the gift

Your recipient can decline your gift. Please note that sometimes gifts will be declined if they are sent to people who are in regulated industries where they are not permitted to receive gifts.  This is a perfect opportunity for follow up and Alyce will notify you that they declined with the message they provided.