How to add a compliance prompt for your team

Depending on where they work, some prospects may have restrictions on receiving gifts. This is especially true when working with prospects in the public sector. 

If you’re working with trickier recipients and you want your reps to get approval before gifting them, a compliance prompt can help. It’s an editable form that will show up in the gift flow after a sales rep searches or adds a recipient.

To set this up for your team, read the instructions below:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top navigation bar. In the drop down, click on “Users & Teams.” 
  2. Click on the Teams tab to open the Team settings. 
  3. A list of your teams will surface. Click on the team you want to set up compliance prompt for 
  4. Click on “Settings & Permissions” in the left hand margin
  5. A new list will show up, in the top margin select “Gift Invites” and scroll down to “Compliance” and click “Change” 
  6. Here you’ll want to select “Yes, ask team members” to turn on the compliance prompt and you’ll write your own prompt message and revert message. You have the option to add a link if you’d like to direct the reps to a new page. 

    The prompt message will show up in the gift flow as soon as a rep adds a new person to the platform. The revert message will be displayed once the rep selects “Not approved” on the prompt message. You can preview your compliance message by clicking on the “Preview compliance check” link.
  7. Finally, click “Save”.

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