The Alyce Approach: Start to Finish Overview

Here is the process of using Alyce, including timing estimates:

1. On Alyce’s website, you upload the name, email address, and any additional information of the person to which you want to send a gift invitation.

Total time: 1 minute

2. Alyce does research on this person and recommends 3 personalized gifts that you might want to send this person.

Total time: you will usually receive the gift recommendations within hours of uploading a recipient’s name (for bulk uploads of names, please allow for the process to take a few days).

3. You send a personalized gift invitation (either via email or box) and also determine actions required (if any) for the recipient to accept the gift (such as a meeting booked).

Total time: if sent via email, delivered instantaneously; if a box is sent, allow 7-10 days for delivery.

For details on the different invitation options, take a look at this article.

4. The recipient opens your invitation.

Total time: hopefully as soon as it’s received!

5. Recipient claims the gift, exchanges it for something else on the Alyce marketplace, donates the gift value to a charity of their choice, or rejects gift - if you require certain information in order to accept the gift, you’ll see it appear.

Total time: how long would it take you to accept a personalized gift? We hope it’s seconds!

6. If the gift was claimed, it is mailed to the recipient.

Total time: approximately one week or less for the recipient to receive the gift.

Branded items may take a bit longer to be shipped out. Usually the shipping time for branded swag is still pretty fast (2-3 weeks), but items that are embroidered may take a bit longer - due to the customizable nature of the personalization.

7. You have a happy prospect/client!

Total time: they’re smiling from the day they received your invitation, no matter if they kept the gift you sent, exchanged it, or donated the value to charity.

Total time from the minute you enter someone’s name in Alyce to the day they receive your gift at the door: 

  • Approximately 1-2 weeks if sent via email
  • Approximately 2-3 weeks if sent via a box

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