How to Add Your Name to the "Mail From" Field in Emails Sent Through Alyce

The "Personal From Field" in Alyce allows your team members to populate the “Mail From” field with their name - instead of “Alyce Gifting” - in emails sent through Alyce. The “Mail From” field will be updated on digital invitations and automated email reminders if a gift has not been redeemed. 

Emails sent from a real person are more trustworthy and thus have a higher likelihood of being opened. By adding a real person’s name to the “Mail From” field, the emails sent through Alyce will have improved open rates. 

How to Activate the "Personal From Field":

  1. Go to the team dashboard by clicking Teams on the navigation bar 
  2. Click on the name of the team you'd like to edit
  3. Click ⚙Edit team in the upper right
  4. Scroll down to “Personal From field in Alyce emails” and click Change
  5. This will show which settings your team currently has and will allow you to update them. Choose one of the following
    1. Disabled - this will remove Team Members’ names from Alyce emails and show Alyce as the sender
    2. Sender Name - this will show the Team Member’s name in the recipient’s inbox i.e. “Jane Doe”
    3. Sender Name and Company - this will display the Team Member’s name and your company name. i.e. “Jane Doe from Swagbucks”

Once you’ve selected how you’d like the “from” field of emails to show up, click Save.