Admins: How to Use and Enable Gift Link Invitations

The Gift Link Invitation allows reps to send an invitation through a link instead of an email or physical invitation. 

Please note: Once a link is generated, the invitation is considered “sent” in your metrics. The gift status will be “link generated.”

Why Use Gift Link Invitations?

  • Reaching out through another platform: Now reps can reach out anywhere with that link without emailing the recipient. For example, maybe reps find that their LinkedIn outreach is most effective. 
  • Sending a gift invitation in an existing thread: Sometimes reps want to gift recipients they are already communicating with via email. Instead of creating a new email thread, they can use the link in a current thread.  (This is also helpful when you need to send a digital invitation to a recipient, and copy another team member to loop them in) 
  • Planning future outreach: Some reps may plan out their outreach ahead of time with their sales engagement platform. Reps can generate links to be sent out in the future, and slot it into their cadence. 

Using Gift Links

Sending a gift link invitation is a lot like sending any other invitation. Reps will go through the flow and select "Generate link" when asked to select an invitation.  

At the end of the flow, reps will copy the link to use it wherever they'd like. Alyce will let you know when the recipient views and accepts the gift. 

Set Up

In order to set up Gift Link Invitations you need to make sure they are available for the team, and then enabled on the campaign level. 

Team Level

To begin, let’s make sure the invitations are available to for your team:

1. Click on the Settings Gear Icon and click “Users and Teams”. 

2. Navigate to the Teams tab, and search for the Team you want to enable Gift Link Invitation method for. Then click "Settings" to open the settings page for the team.

3. Click the “Gift Invites” tab, scroll down to “Inventory & Availability”, and click “Change”

5. Here, make sure the box is checked next to “Generate Link” 

6. Click “Save”

Great! Generating a link is now available to your team. Now, make sure it’s available on the campaign level. To do this: 

Campaign Level

1. Click on the Campaigns option in the top menu bar and navigate to the campaign you'd like to update 

2. Find the campaign you want to enable gift link invitations and select it

4. Click the “Gift Invites” tab, scroll down to “Gift Invitation method”, and click “Change” 

5. Here, make sure the box is checked next to “Generate Link”

6. Click “Save”

Congratulations 🎉! Your reps are now able to send gift invitations through a link. 

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