How to send a gift invitation with Alyce

Getting Started

Sending a gift in Alyce is easy!  Once research has been returned for your prospects follow these steps: 

  1. You'll be notified via email that your gift options are ready. Click the link to access your gift options.
  2. You'll get brought to this view where you can choose one of three gift recommendations, or choose from the Alyce marketplace. 
  3. You'll then choose your Invitation Type.  If you select a physical invitation type, you will see the option to let Alyce find that person's address for you, or if you know it, you can choose to enter it yourself.  
  4. Next, you'll select a template for the message you want to send with your invitation. 
  5. Once selected, you can personalize your message, choose who the message is sent as, and write a subject line. 
  6. At this point, you can also click "View Landing Page" to see a preview of what your recipient will see.  
  7. Once you are happy with your message.  Click "Set message and continue". 
  8. Last step is to confirm that you are ready to send by checking the unchecked box, and then click "Send Invite". 
  9. Congrats! You've sent a gift with Alyce.

Optional Beta feature (talk to your CSM if you'd like to give it a try!)

Schedule your gift for later. Need to prepare a batch of gifts, but want to wait to send them out? Click "Schedule" to pull up a date and time in the future. We'll send the gift then.