How to Send a Gift Invitation with Alyce

Getting Started

Sending a gift with Alyce is easy!  Begin by clicking the yellow "Send a Gift" button in your Alyce Dashboard from any page.

The next step is to choose a Campaign. Your admin will be able to help you decide which campaign to use. Campaigns with lighter grey text are not currently available for gift sending, but you can expand them to learn more about them.

Here, you can add a single recipient by entering their name, email, company name, and country. Or you can create multiple gifts at once by choosing the Bulk Upload option.

Please note: If you wish to create gifts in bulk, it is important to use the Alyce Bulk Template provided in this gifting sidebar.

You'll then choose your Invitation Type.  If you select a physical invitation type, you will see the option to let Alyce find that person's address for you, or if you know it, you can choose to enter it yourself.  

    1. If you choose Email, we'll send the recipient an email letting them know their gift is on the way
    2. If you choose "Generate Link" you'll send the initial notice yourself. We won't email your recipient until they have viewed or claimed their gift.

Next, you'll select a template for the message you want to send with your invitation. 

Once selected, you can personalize your message, choose who the message is sent as, and write a subject line. 

At this point, you can also click "View Landing Page" to see a preview of what your recipient will see.  

Once you are happy with your message.  Click "Set message and continue". 

Last step is to confirm that you are ready to send by checking the unchecked box, and then click "Send Invite". 

Congrats! You've sent a gift with Alyce.

Schedule Your Gift for a Later Time

Schedule your gift for later. Need to prepare a batch of gifts, but want to wait to send them out? Click "Schedule" to pull up a date and time in the future. We'll send the gift then.   

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