How to change the default gift of an Activate campaign

Why change the gift in an Activate campaign?

Sometimes the plan changes on your Activate campaign. Maybe you increase or decrease the budget for the gift, or you want to go with a different theme.

Other times, your gift choice is so popular it sells out (nice job!). In this case, you’ll want to offer another gift in its place. 

Note: When you change the default gift of an Activate campaign, anyone who accesses the gift redemption page will see the new gift, even if they viewed the previous gift earlier. 

How to change the default gift of your Activate campaign:

1. Click on you profile picture in the top navigation bar, and click “Campaign settings”

2. Select the campaign you want to change the gift for. You can use the search bar to type in your Activate campaign name. 

3. Make sure “Settings & Permissions” is selected in the left hand margin. Under “General” settings, scroll down to “Default gift” and click “Change.”

4. Search the name of the gift you want to offer recipients in the search bar. Select it and click “Save”.