Gift Statuses and Gift Data availability in Marketo

The Alyce for Marketo integration passes data using Custom Activities and Custom Objects. 

Custom Object:

Alyce Gift

Available Fields / Triggers

  • Gift ID
  • Gift Link
    • ${TriggerObject.giftLink}
  • Gift Name
    • ${TriggerObject.giftName}

Custom Activities:

Alyce Gift Invitation Created
Alyce Gift Invitation Fulfilled
Alyce Gift Invitation Sent
Alyce Gift Invitation Delivered  (registers only for physical invitations)
Alyce Gift Invitation Viewed
Alyce Gift Invitation Accepted
Alyce Gift Invitation Declined
Alyce Gift Invitation Expired

Gift Data (Fields) contained within the above Custom Activities

NOTE: These fields are currently available for use as filters but can not be used as tokens:
Recipient Email (Marketo <> Alyce recipient connector id)
Campaign Name
Gift ID
Sender Email (Marketo <> Alyce sender connector id)
Invitation Type (fulfillment forward)
Sent Gift Name (fulfillment forward)
Sent Gift Type (fulfillment forward)
Invitation Landing Page (sent forward)
Tracking Link (only sent for physical invite type)
Accepted Gift Name (for acceptance)
Accepted Gift Type (for acceptance)
Accepted Gift Cost (for acceptance)
Accepted Gift Exchange or Donated (for acceptance)
Recipient Thank You Message (for acceptance)
Recipient Decline Message (for decline)
Recipient Provided Phone Number (for acceptance)
Recipient Provided Email (for acceptance)
Recipient Provided Meeting Availability (for acceptance)
Recipient Question Response (for acceptance)
Recipient Terms to Agree to Response (for acceptance)

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