Alyce for Marketo FAQs

Marketo Integration Requirements

What volume of API calls does Alyce use to pass information?

Alyce uses API calls to pass information but it’s hard to quantify exactly how many a customer will need on a daily basis because it’s dependent on how many gifts / updates to gifts are made daily. One gift can consume from 1 to 12 API calls. It depends on how many custom activities are enabled, do we need to create a lead, do we need to create a custom object, was the gift claimed/declined/etc. While configuring 1:Many Campaign, there are some API calls in side-bar flow. If Contacts are uploaded from a Marketo static list, we use APIs there as well. We need 1 API call for every 300 leads in every static list.

Will the Marketo integration sync Alyce data retroactively, or only from the point of integration forward?

Data will only sync going forward once the integration has been made.

Does Marketo sync contacts to Alyce?

The current integration only syncs contacts one way, from Alyce to Marketo. The reason for this is that most users do not want their entire contacts database sent over to Alyce, as not everyone is part of an Alyce campaign.

What does Marketo use as a unique identifier to match a gift to the right contact? 

Email address.

Existing Contacts (Contacts in Marketo and Alyce): Alyce matches all contacts based on email

Unmatched Contacts (Contacts in Alyce, not Marketo): If a contact exists in Alyce and does not yet exist Marketo, Alyce creates a new contact in Marketo.

Do Alyce Campaigns sync to Marketo Programs?

No sync of Alyce Campaigns occurs. The Members of a Marketo Program are determined by the Contacts of the Campaign(s) within said Program. When setting up constraints in your Smart List, you're able to pull Campaign Name (along with other Alyce fields) from Marketo Custom Activities. This allows you to either match Marketo 1:1 to Alyce, or not, to your liking.