Domain Authentication Configuration: Connect All Emails of a Domain

There are two ways in which you can allow Alyce to send emails on your reps behalf. The first is to connect emails on a by-user basis. This not only integrates your email, but also gives you integrated calendar functionality. 

The second option is to authenticate a domain which connects all emails from that domain. Many enterprises may like this option best. 

Please note: This method of authentication only connects email, NOT calendar.

You need Org Admin privileges and will need to work with your Network Administrator to set this up.

To learn more about what domain authentication is, see What is Domain Authentication / DKIM? 

How to set up Domain Authentication

To authenticate your domain and connect your users’ emails using Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM), follow these steps:

From your dashboard, click on the setting gear icon and select Organization Settings in the side navigation. If you do not have this option, please reach out to [email protected] 

Enter your domain name and click "Add a new domain" button. Any previously authenticated domains will be listed here. (You can add multiple domains)

Please note: The domains here MUST match the domains used in the emails by your Alyce users. Only emails which match exactly will be authenticated. If your team uses a subdomain such as "", please add that as a Domain URL in your Alyce Settings.

The screen will show the domain you added and its status. Click "Details"   

Please note: If authenticating the domain is going to be handled by another party, click "Send email to your network administrator to install these records" above the Domain URL and Status. 

A window will pop up to input the Network Administrator's email address. Once inserted, press "Send email to your Network Administrator". Your coworker will receive an email from [email protected] with all the required information. 

Wait for your Network Administrator to update the DNS record's on their side then skip to step 6. 

You will see all the required DNS records for you to authenticate your domain. Copy the DKIM values for setup in your DNS management system. Once inputted, publish the TXT record in your domain's DNS settings. 

Please note: It may take a day or two after publishing the DNS records to be updated, depending on your provider.

After DNS is configured and records are published go back to the DKIM setup page in Alyce. Click "Verify" on the right hand side of the screen across from the domain name. If something was entered wrong an error message will pop up when trying to verify.

Once verification is successful the status will show as Active and green check marks will show in the status column.

Please note: The status will show as unverified until "Verify" is clicked on every visit to the page. The request must be sent manually to verify the connection.