How to Set Up a Post Gift CTA in a Campaign

The Post Gift CTA allows you to redirect your recipients to curated, relevant content priming them for the next step in your relationship.  Once a gift recipient has accepted their gift, the Post Gift CTA will replace the gift confirmation page and offer the gift recipient additional content to explore. With the ability to serve additional content, you can now redirect gift recipients into the next logical step in your relationship.

You can either set up a call-to-action (CTA) to transition viewers into the content, or simply set a redirect without a CTA.

Example: Post Gift CTA

Depending on the stage or phase of your relationship, this feature can be used for:


  • Register for events such as webinars, virtual summits, or field events
  • Direct viewers to relevant ebooks, user guides, or blog posts


  • Serve a product demo or "What is" video
  • Direct gift recipients to a custom ABM landing page
  • Scheduling a meeting with no action required

Customer Success:

  • Share materials such as an onboarding plan 
  • Request a review

How to set up a Post Gift CTA in Campaign

  1. Navigate to your campaigns and search for the campaign in which you'd like to include a Post Gift CTA. 
  2. Hover over the campaign to show the "Actions" dropdown menu, and click Edit Settings.

  1. Once in the Campaign Settings, toggle to "Gift Invites." Scroll down to the bottom of these Gift Invite settings until you see Post gift CTA.
  2. Click "Change" to open up the settings for Post Gift CTA's. 
  3. By default, all campaigns will be set to "No, do not use a redirect link." To activate a Post Gift CTA, select "Yes, use a redirect link." 

  4. Once activated, you can now include the full URL of the page to which you'd like to redirect your gift recipient. The full URL should include "http://www" or "https://www" when you add it to the settings.

  5. You can choose to either include a CTA or not. To create an automatic redirect without a CTA click make sure "Enable CTA pop up" is unchecked and click "Save". 
  6. You can create a custom CTA by checking the box beside "enable CTA pop-up" and following the steps below:
  7. Edit the "CTA Header"  to edit the headline at the top of the pop-up modal. ( limit: 50 characters )
  8. Include a "CTA Message" to contextualize the CTA and explain where the CTA will take the gift recipient next. ( limit: 300 characters ) 
  9. Include "CTA Button" text prompting the gift recipient to click or tap to progress the relationship. ( limit: 20 characters )
  10. Click "Save." 

A recipient will see the following once they confirm their gift selection.

Pop Up Enabled:

Pop Up Disabled:

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