Testing the Outreach Integration

Before testing the integration, please verify with your Customer Success Manager or that they see successful installation within Alyce.

With the installation complete, proceed to create a gift in Alyce. No action is needed beyond creating the gift, but feel free to send and/or view the gift if you wish for the sake of additional data points. This activity will auto-create a contact in Outreach (if one does not already exist) and record the Alyce activity to it. Navigate to the Prospects icon (left side navigation), find the name of the gift recipient, enter that record, and click the Activity tab (2nd in across the top) to view the Alyce events.  A successful integration will result in the associated Alyce data being present as shown in the image below. 

NOTE: You will need to select "Clear filters" next to the "Filters" button to see the full Activity history.  Currently Outreach does not support clearing the engagement filter as a default.