How to Create Custom Fields

What is a custom field?

A custom field in Alyce, is an additional field of your choice that you can add to the contact information needed for each new contact. When creating a custom field, all reps will see the custom field in their dashboard. This field will now be a column exported in your Gift Invitation Report.

So why would you want an additional field? Great question - keep reading! 

When you create a custom field it will show up in the contact section of the gift flow

Why use custom fields?

Alyce works best when it’s working in conjunction with the rest of your tech stack.

If you’re passing data from Alyce into any external platforms, sometimes you need additional fields to make sure contacts are created properly. By using custom fields, you can make sure that information is added to contacts in Alyce before they’re passed into your external reporting tools to make the data exchange as seamless as possible

  • Some customers create a custom account ID field to match account IDs in other platforms (i.e. their CRM), allowing their Alyce data to be added to that platform correctly. 
  • From time to time, customers require their reps to get a compliance ID before sending out a gift invitation. With a compliance ID field, reps can verity the recipient meets their compliance standards.

If your tech stack works well with Alyce and your data flows where it needs to go easily, you don't need custom fields. In fact, it's better not to have custom fields if possible because it can slow down your reps. 

However, it's a good tool if you need to match data or if you just need another data field to analyze your program.

How to set up custom fields

(Note: In order to set up custom fields for your sales reps, you'll need to be an organization administrator.)

1. Click on the gear next to you profile picture

2. Make sure you’re in “General settings” in the left hand margin and click on “custom fields” 

3. Under “Custom field name” type in the name you want your custom field to have 

4. You have the choice to set the custom field as a required field or leave optional. If you want to require reps to input this field before adding a contact check “Set [your field’s name] to be a required field” then click "+ Add a custom field" 

Once you have a field you can manage whether you want to require it and whether you want it to be active in the dashboard.  

This field will show up in your Gift Invitation Report. 

Please note that you will need to start entering contact details in order for the fields to display.