How to Add Alyce Triggers in Outreach

Note: You must have installed the Alyce integration into Outreach in order for Alyce triggers to be accessible.  Please see Installing the Alyce Integration in Outreach for more details

For a general overview of triggers, please visit Outreach Support. 

Setting Up Triggers

1. Go to Settings > Triggers > Add  

2. Select the Alyce event you want to use to take an action within Outreach

You can act on the following events within Outreach:

  • Gift Created (Researched Gifts Only)
  • Gift Needs More Information (Researched Gifts Only)
  • Gift Options Ready
  • Gift Invitation Sent
  • Gift Invitation Delivered (Physical Invitations Only)
  • Gift Invitation Delivered - Email (use this event if your invitation is not physical)
  • Gift Accepted
  • Gift Viewed
  • Gift Declined
  • Gift Invitation Expired    

3. Add the appropriate conditions for prospects and accounts

Alyce highly recommends adding conditions to ensure triggers only fire for prospects or accounts that you want them too.

Note: If you do not add any conditions you cannot activate a trigger in Outreach. Alyce recommends Id "is not" empty as a default condition if there are no others you are looking to add.   

4. Add actions that will happen when the trigger fires

These include creating tasks, tags, adding to sequences, setting fields, and removing tags/sequences.    

5. Input the details of the action you choose

Ex: For Sequences - Select which sequence to add and the appropriate users' mailbox.   

 Ex: For Tasks - Select the Task Type and Time Due 

Please consult with your Customer Success Manager to decide on the best triggers for your organization.