Adding Domain Restrictions to Your Organization

Why add domain restrictions?

Adding domain restrictions to your organization will restrict team admins from granting access to others from outside domains.

It also ensures all users setup their Google or Outlook integration through their work email instead of their personal email, to be compliant with a company's security policy. 

Note: Make sure you have requested your CSM has enabled the “Security Settings” feature for your Org. You also need to be an Org Admin to enable domain restrictions. 

How to Enable Domain Restrictions:

1. Click on the Settings gear next to your profile picture. 

2. In the left hand margin, make sure “Security” is selected and then under “Domain restrictions” click “Change” 

3. Type in a domain and click “Apply.” Add all domains you’d like to allow access from.  

Please note:

  1. This will affect the integration with email and calendar as well. Make sure to add all email and calendar domains.
  2. Users outside of these domains won't be able to log into the system.
  3. If users are currently logged in, they will not be logged out with these changes.
  4. All currently integrated email/calendar accounts will keep functioning until integration is disabled.

🎉  Congratulations! You’ve now set up domain restrictions. Only users with emails from the domains you’ve selected will be able to access Alyce.

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