Connecting an Alyce Campaign to Salesforce

Option 1: Automatically Connect Alyce Campaigns in Salesforce via Salesforce integration settings

NOTE: This is the required approach for Prospecting, 1:Many and Swag campaigns.

Allowing Alyce to automatically create campaigns in Salesforce ensures information is properly connected with as little manual intervention as possible. Turning this feature on means all new campaigns created at, from the time of configuration forward, are automatically be created, with the same name, in Salesforce.

To turn on the feature:

  • Navigate to Step 7 in the Alyce Administration Panel within Salesforce
  • Click modify at the right, then check the box "Enable Alyce to automatically create campaigns in Salesforce"
  • If your instance of Salesforce has required fields for campaign creation, specify default values by using the "Add Required Field" button.  NOTE: If default values are not provided for required fields, the campaign will NOT create in Salesforce.

Once this has been turned on by your admin:

  • Log into to create your campaign (Campaign settings -> Create campaign)
  • Set up your campaign as you normally would.
  • Upload your contact(s) into the campaign. 
  • Within 1 hour or less you should see your campaign created in Salesforce and campaign members and member statuses will be loaded in as well.

Option 2: Manually Connect Salesforce campaigns to Alyce in Salesforce

NOTE: This method works for Personal Gifting Campaigns ONLY - if you are leveraging 1:Many campaigns this option will not work.

While this is a valid way to make the connection, it does require manual motions and the steps below must be followed exactly. 

  • Create your campaign in Salesforce, NOT at
  • Do NOT add contacts or leads to the campaign in Salesforce
  • Open the campaign detail screen and scroll down to the Alyce Gift visual window.
  • Then click on the “Connect with Alyce” blue button.   

You will then be brought to a screen where you will assign an Alyce team and campaign owner.   

Beginning with package version 2.2, we have added the ability to synchronize campaign members from Salesforce to Alyce. Under the Campaign members synchronization section, you will have two options:

  • Add Salesforce campaign members to Alyce campaign dynamically (recommended)
    • Choosing this option will ensure that as leads and contacts are added to the Salesforce campaign, they are automatically added to the corresponding campaign in Alyce. This will create a draft gift for each of these campaign members which will streamline the gifting process.
  • Do not add Salesforce campaign members to Alyce campaign
    • Choosing this option will ensure that campaign members will be added to the Salesforce campaign via API when Alyce gifts are sent.

If you elect to add Salesforce campaign members dynamically, recipients will be created in Alyce according to the following mappings:

Salesforce Field Alyce Field
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Email Email
Account Company

Next, navigate to to ensure you see your campaign in the dashboard.  From there, you can finish configuring your campaign.

Note on Campaign Names: Alyce allows for campaign names to be different in Alyce and in Salesforce. If you rename a campaign after syncing, the campaign name will not update. If you would like the campaign names to match, you will need to edit after the sync.

Option 3: Connect from Alyce Campaign Settings

Already created your campaign in Alyce and need to connect it to Salesforce? In package versions 2.0 and newer, admins will see a settings option to connect a campaign from Alyce to Salesforce. If the campaign is already connected, admins can click through directly to the associated campaign in Salesforce.

1:Many campaigns:

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