There is an error in running the Alyce Job Schedule - what should I do? - Version 1.89 and earlier

Alyce uses a feature called scheduled jobs within Salesforce to automatically manage updating gifting data. Upon successful installation of the Alyce <> Salesforce application, a user will see the following within the admin page:    

As a general note, the scheduled job from Alyce runs every hour and uses Apex jobs to pass information; API calls a minimal to none.

Why do I see an error box at the top of my Job Schedule widget in the Alyce Administrator Page?   

Great question! The queue Salesforce uses to manage these jobs can only support 100 at a time. This queue can get filled up with things like scheduled reports from other uses. If you see this state you will need to go to https://*your org domain* and then determine what apex jobs are filling this queue. Once you have freed up 10 jobs in this queue, you can go back to the Alyce admin and click "set default schedule" to restart the jobs. Alyce then recommends you click the "synchronize all gifts" button to ensure all your gifts will be immediately updated after this occurred. Depending on the volume of

Once you complete this step you should no longer see the error box:   

For more information on Salesforce scheduled jobs, and for general troubleshooting, Alyce recommends this Salesforce help article: