Customized Branding

Make your gift experience truly personal with our customized brand styling.

Create gift redemption pages to match your company branding, customize a team gift initiative, or make a special campaign stand out.

Note: There are three ways to brand your gift redemption page; on the organization level, on the team level, and on the campaign level. Branding on the org level will be the default branding for your organization. Branding on the team level overrides the gift redemption page branding for that specific team. Branding on the campaign level overrides branding of both team and org for that specific campaign. 

When to use branding on the organization, team, or campaign level

  • Organization Branding: This is the default branding that will show up on any gift redemption page unless team or campaign branding is set. Think of this as your standard branding for the gift redemption page. 
  • Team Branding: If you have several sub-brands under your organization, it may make sense to set the branding on the team level. That way sales reps for one product line will have separate branding from other reps. 
  • Campaign Branding: Campaign branding is great for when you have a themed event, conference, partner campaign, or any special campaign where you want to deviate from the standard brand and bring in new elements (event brand, partner brand, themes). This includes custom Terms and Conditions for special gift scenarios such as sweepstakes and contests.

Begin by selecting the settings you wish to update. Organization admins will be able to change all settings.

Check to ensure you have selected the area of Alyce gifting you want to change the default for.

Organization Level

Team Level

Personal Gifting Campaign

1:Many Campaign 

Add your brand elements, including brand copy, logos, and brand color palettes. If you make changes you don’t like, Discard your changes to revert to the standard Alyce styling.

  1. Upload the logo of choice for your organization, team, or campaign. You can use PNG, SVG, or JPG files for the logo.
    1. For best results, use a transparent, horizontal logo treatment that is intended for use on light-colored backgrounds.
    2. Logos can be any size, but designs should fill the space. A 16:9 ratio works best. We resize images to fit each screen, so images with a lot of white space around the edges may appear very small. Cropping the image tightly will result in a larger logo. The full image will be loaded, so choosing something under 1MB will help the page load faster for your recipients.
  2. Add your headline copy. Remember if you are setting this at the Organization or Team level to choose something universal, as this will be used by any Teams or Campaigns under your Organization or Team.
    1. Headline text is static. There is no option for placeholder text such as names or other personal details.
  3. Next set your headline color. Choose this using a hex code
  4. Set your Background with custom colors, or add an image. This is a great place to bring in the theme of a campaign or use your company brand elements. The sky is the limit!
  5. Select background images
    1. Use Alyce gift pattern: This uses the Alyce gift pattern on the background, you can change the color of this with your own Hex code
    2. Upload a custom image: This allows you to upload another image
      1. Remember this image will load each time the page is viewed, so large images will slow page loads significantly
      2. Busy images may not render well on all screens. Small, simple icons work best,
    3. No pattern or image: This gives the redemption page a solid background color
  6. You’ll need to set your CTA colors. This includes colors and texts. 
    1. The copy is hard-coded and cannot be changed.
  7. Optional - Add a link to custom Terms and Conditions (T&C) for events that require extra legal disclaimers or rules.
  8. When you’re satisfied click “Save changes”

Review the image below for how your brand choices will show up on the gift redemption page:

Now, all gifts will have your updated branding, including existing gifts which have already been accessed. This branding will display throughout the entire gift flow, including viewing the calendar, exchanging gifts in the Marketplace, and the confirmation page.

Note: Branding customizations are not reversible once saved. You can edit and save new changes.

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