Alyce Themed Marketplaces

What are Alyce Themed Marketplaces?

A Themed Marketplace is a carefully curated selection of gifts to match a theme.

How can I use Themed Marketplaces?

Themes are used to engage participants with something that interests them, convey objectives in a playful manner, or gather people around a common goal. Themed marketplaces are a great way to complement a themed event you’re hosting or themed campaign you're running. 

  • Celebrate the changing seasons with the Alyce Fall Themed Marketplace
  • Inviting a guest chef? Try gifting with the Cooking & Baking theme so everyone can enjoy their new chef skills
  • Usher in the holiday season with the Alyce Holiday theme.

What are the available themes?

  • Alyce Fall
  • Alyce Holiday
  • Alyce Cooking & Baking

How do I enable Themed Marketplaces?

Talk to your Customer Success Manager, or reach out to the Alyce Support Team. We’re happy to ensure these are available for your Teams.

Themed Marketplaces can be added for your entire Organization, or for specific Teams.

How do I find Themed Marketplaces in my Campaign Settings?

From your Profile Avatar, click on Campaign Settings, and select the Campaign you wish to update.

Head to the Gift Invites tab, and click the "Change" button next to "Gift Vendors."

Select or deselect any other vendors you wish to allow. To restrict the campaign to just the single vendor or theme, check and uncheck the box next to "Name" to restrict all vendors. Then check only the Themed Marketplace you wish to use.

Save your settings.

How do I find Themed Marketplaces in the Marketplace?

From the Marketplace, select the Campaign you’d like to send a Themed Marketplace for.

Next, click in the Brand filter. Type “Alyce” or the theme you are looking for. Check the box(es) for the desired marketplaces. Click “Apply” to view your gift options.

Continue to apply filters such as Gift Budget, Gift Type, etc. Once you’re happy with your selection, click “Save Campaign” to save the theme(s) to Campaign Settings.

You’re all set! Time to start sending some gifts.