Custom Email Branding

Make your gift experience truly personal with our customized brand styling.

Note: Emails can be customized at the Team level only. It is therefore recommended that you choose a theme that will work with all campaigns for your Team

Begin by navigating to your Teams Settings and selecting the Team you wish to have custom email styling. 

Then, select the button Edit team on the top right

Apply the changes you want to make

Add your brand elements, including brand copy, logos, and brand color palettes. If you make changes you don’t like, discard your changes to revert to the standard Alyce styling.

  1. Upload the logo of choice for your team. You can use PNG, SVG, or JPG files for the logo.
    1. For best results, use a transparent, horizontal logo treatment that is intended for use on light-colored backgrounds.
    2. Max logo size can be adjusted too. Be sure you are using a high-resolution image before resizing significantly or the image may appear pixelated.
  2. Select background options
    1. Set your Background color using a hex code
    2. Use Alyce gift pattern: This uses the Alyce gift pattern on the background; you can change the color of this with your own hex code
    3. Or leave the background a solid color: This gives the redemption page a solid background color
  3. Set your CTA colors. This includes colors and texts. 
  4. Optional - Footer content
    1. Privacy Policy Link: We recommend using the Alyce privacy policy unless you have a comprehensive Privacy Policy which includes mention of 3rd party data collection.
      1. Note: To prevent emails from being flagged as spam, choose your link carefully. URLs that are too long, or URLs which have been shortened will generally cause the email to be flagged as spam
    2. Copyright Attribution can be customized to reflect your own company information
  5. When you’re satisfied click “Save Changes".

You can also see how the recipient will see the mail you send by selecting the option Integration Email

Now, all emails for all Campaigns in your Team will have your updated branding - including existing gifts which have already been accessed.

Note: Branding customizations are not revertible once saved, you can only edit and save new changes.

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