How to send an Alyce gift from Salesloft

The primary use case for the Salesloft + Alyce integration is to enable a Salesloft user to send a gift via Alyce from directly within the Salesloft platform. To accomplish this, we have integrated the Alyce gifting flow within the People page in Salesloft. Specifically, this gifting flow will be available in the panel on the right-hand side of the People page.

Step 1: Ensure that you have an active Alyce Campaign that meets the following criteria:

  • The invitation type link is enabled
  • Research is not required
  • At least 1 invite is available for your sender

Step 2: Navigate to the People page in Salesloft for the person you want to send the gift to.

Step 3: If the contact does not already exist in Alyce, create a new Alyce profile by entering their First Name, Last Name, Work Email, Company, and Country.

Note that gifting via Salesloft is only possible for recipients in the US & Canada at this time.

Step 4: Initiate the gifting flow by clicking “Send a gift”.

Step 5: Select the Alyce campaign that you would like to send the Alyce gift from. Note that for the campaign to appear, it must meet the criteria specified in Step 1 above.

Step 6: Choose one of the top 3 recommended gifts OR click “Choose your own gift” to browse the Alyce marketplace.

Step 7: Customize the gift landing page that your gift recipient will see when they click on your gift link.

Please note: Placeholders are not supported in the Salesloft integration. Please remove all placeholders and enter any personal details before sending your gift.

Step 8: Check the box indicating that you have checked your personalized note and then click “Confirm and Send”. 

Step 9: Click “Copy” to copy your gift link and paste it into your Salesloft email to your recipient. 

Congratulations! You have just sent an Alyce gift via Salesloft.

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