Gift Budgets: Gift Cards and Donations

When setting a Campaign Marketplace, Alyce gives users the ability to customize the exchange options for Recipients.

In the Campaign set up flow, you'll see this settings box:

These 2 fields define the price range for the following product types: Physical, Subscription box, On-demand service, Experience, Branded products. This sets the exchange Marketplace for these items. They do not affect Gift Cards and Donations.

Gift Card Price 

This is the cost of gift cards team members will be able to send. Gift card price is always in USD. If you send gifts internationally, gift card amounts will be relatively adjusted based on the exchange rate.

The exchange rate reflected in Campaign Settings is adjusted at 30 minute intervals. The amount charged to your Alyce account is based on the actual time of purchase.

In some cases, gift card amounts might be not available at the selected gift card price. In this case, recipients receive the gift card amount closest to the gift card price, without going over the budget.

Gift Donation Amount

This is the amount team members will be able to send as a donation. Gift recipients will be able to donate the full amount. Alyce never collects fees of any kind for Donation gifts.

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