How to Create a Multi-Country Personal Gifting Campaign

Alyce makes it easy to create moment-focused campaigns that include your prospects and customers around the globe. You can now send a gift to multiple countries from a single Personal Gifting Campaign.

Create a New Campaign

On the Campaigns page, select the "Create a campaign" button.

Then, select Personal Gifting. 

Give your Campaign a name that will be clear for your Team when sending a gift. 

The Campaign owner must be a Team admin. They will manage the overall settings of the campaign and may receive email updates from Alyce.

Next, select the countries to which you will be sending gifts. Consider the territories your Team covers and where your customers and prospects are currently located.

Select the research options which best meet your needs.

"Instant Gift" bypasses all research so you can choose a gift. We will still recommend gifts based on what has been popular for recipients with similar roles.

"Research Required" forces all gifts to Canadian and US recipients to go through the Alyce research process, or you can leave the decision up to your gifters. 

Research is not available outside the US and Canada. Every country within Europe has its own viewpoint of privacy and data, and that informs the difference in how you should assess your gifting strategy.  Research based gifts will not perform as well and may be viewed by customers as ‘riskier.’

Configure Your Campaign

In the Gift budget section, you will define the desired budget in USD and see what gift card amounts recipients can choose in their local currency. 

The exchange rate reflected in Campaign Settings is adjusted at 30-minute intervals. The amount charged to your Alyce account is based on the actual time of purchase.

In some cases, gift card amounts might not be available at the selected gift card price. In this case, recipients are shown the gift card amount closest to the gift card price without going over the budget.

Select the Invitation method(s) you wish to allow for this campaign. Only Email and Gift Link invitations will be shown for recipients outside the US and Canada.

You can choose the types of gifts available for your Campaign. Please reach out to your CSM for additional International options.

Be sure to save your settings once your Campaign is configured.

View Your Campaigns

In the campaigns list, you can see what countries are configured for each campaign and filter campaigns by country.


Do I need to know the country my recipient lives in?

Yes. You'll first need to create a contact when you send a gift. The country field is required.

What if I choose the wrong country?

If you send a gift to someone and choose the wrong country, they will see a note on the gift item about where it can be sent. If this does not match their real location, there is an option to select a different country in the marketplace. For that, the recipient must press the exchange button on the gift link, provided it has been enabled in the campaign.

Can I update my existing Campaigns to include more countries?

Of course, you can! To do so, go to the general tab at the top and click on Change in the Campaign countries section.

Then you can just select the countries you want to add and remember to save the changes.

What if I have feedback on this feature?

We'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to [email protected], and we'll make sure the right people see your ideas.

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