Error Handling in HubSpot Workflows with Alyce

There are a few common reasons why an Alyce 1:Many campaign would encounter an error when uploading contacts from HubSpot. For example:

  • The contact may already exist in the Alyce 1:Many campaign
  • The contact may have unsubscribed from Alyce messages
  • The contact may not have the required contact information to be uploaded (i.e. email)

This guide walks through how you can seamlessly handle these errors to ensure that your Alyce gifts are being sent to the right folks and that you can correct any errors as they arise. These errors will also be shown in the HubSpot Workflows Action logs tab. For more information, check out HubSpot’s documentation here

Step 1: After your “Add to Alyce 1:Many Campaign” step, click the “+” sign and add a new action using the “Value equals branch” step.

Step 2: For the property or value to branch on, select “This action’s final success or failure state” from the “Add to Alyce 1:Many Campaign” step in question and then click “Next”.

Step 3: For the value to branch on, choose “Succeeded” and then click “Save”. 

Step 4: You should see that the “Succeeded” step has been added to your Workflow similar to below.

Step 5: Continue building the rest of your “happy path” workflow after the “Succeeded” branch. You can also customize the actions that contacts should take if they are unsuccessfully added to the Alyce campaign by adding steps after the “None met” branch (update contact property, add to list, etc.).

That’s it! Now you have successfully set up your Alyce for HubSpot workflows to be even more robust and include error handling throughout. Happy Gifting!

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