How to send gift invitations in bulk with Alyce Prospecting Campaigns

Please note: This feature is in beta release. If you are interested in signing up for the beta version of this campaign type, please reach out to your Alyce CSM or our success team at [email protected]

With Prospecting Campaigns you can send up to 200 gift invitations in just a few clicks. Once an admin has created a Prospecting Campaign for your team, log in to the Alyce Dashboard to send gift invitations in bulk. 

  1. Click the “Send a gift” button
  2. You'll see a list of campaigns you have access to. Select one of the prospecting campaigns which will allow you to send gift invitations in bulk to multiple contacts at once
  3. You'll then be able to upload a list of contacts. Click the “Download .XLSX template” link to download a template you can use for uploading contacts to this campaign. Note: you may upload up to 200 contacts at once, but please make sure you have enough gift invites available to send.
  4. Confirm your list of gift invite recipients and fix any errors
  5. Choose the gift you want to send from the default gifts for the campaign or select a different gift from the marketplace if the campaign owner allowed it
  6. Once selected, you can personalize your message, choose who the message is sent as, and write a subject line. Note: you can include custom data in the email message and subject to personalize the experience for recipients.
  7. Next, you can see what actions are required for the recipient to accept a gift, and if allowed by the campaign owner, you can change those required actions here.
  8. Once you are happy with your message.  Click “Next”
  9. The last step is to confirm that you are ready to send all your gift invites out. Once ready, click “Send Gifts” 
  10. Congrats! You've sent gifts in bulk with an Alyce prospecting Campaign.

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