How to Create an API Only Integration User

The suggested Salesforce permissions for the Alyce connection user is that of a Salesforce System Administrator. However, if there are internal policies against granting the Alyce Integration user full Salesforce System Administrator permissions you can create a custom Profile in Salesforce where you can adjust any of the permissions including limiting the profile to have API Only access.

Steps to be completed by your Salesforce Admin -

  1. In Salesforce, clone the System Administrator Profile and name it “Alyce Integration Profile”.
  2. Create a new Salesforce User, “Alyce Integration User”, and assign to that Profile. 
  3. In Salesforce Setup, navigate to Profiles > Alyce Integration Profile > System > System Permissions, Edit.
  4. Search for Api Only User, and check the box, then Save.
  5. Make any other changes, but this user must have Create/Read/Update/Delete permission for any Objects you wish Alyce to act upon including: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, and Campaign Members. 

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