Billing Overview

Located in the Settings tab of your Alyce instance, the Billing Overview dashboard helps Organization Owners and Team Admins check organization balance and gifting performance. This dashboard is useful for the analysis, forecasting, and optimization of your team's usage of Alyce.


This section provides an overall organization balance for the selected period.

  • Ending balance — balance at the end of a selected period. If the ending balance is negative, it’s the exact amount you will be invoiced.
  • Opening balance — balance at the beginning of a selected period.

You can filter this dashboard by a particular team.

Gifting activity

This section tracks the balance and usage within a date range. They are broken down by group. You can find teams not assigned to any group under the Remaining teams row.

Ending balance

Group balance at the end of a selected period.


Number of invitations sent within a selected period.


Number of invitations accepted within a selected period.


Number of gifts purchased within a selected period. It may take up to 2-3 days for Alyce to process gifts, so this number might be slightly different from the number of accepted gifts. 


Total gift cost of purchased gifts

Pro-tip: Click on an Ending balance, to drill down into transactions of a group. 

Pro-tip: Click on a reference link, to see who redeemed the gift and what gift was purchased. 

Pro-tip: Click on an Accepted value, to see detailed team reporting.  


  • Why might the Purchased number be greater than Accepted?
    • It may take up to 2-3 days for Alyce to process gifts. So if you look for the November timeline, a gift could be accepted Sep 30, but Purchased Nov 1.

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