Best Practices for Switching Out the Salesforce Integration User

NOTE: This article assumes the intent is to switch out ONLY the integration user, and NOT the Salesforce instance.

Step 1: Contact Alyce Support

It is not possible for the Alyce team to merely switch the email address on the user to a new one. This would break the connection. Instead, a new user needs to be created by the Alyce team and setup with the new email address. The Alyce team will also need to designate the new user as an Organization Admin. Please contact support and include the new email address for the integration user in your message.

Step 2: Make the Switch

In Salesforce...

  • ...make sure both old and new users have the same Salesforce permissions.

In Alyce...

  • The new email address will receive an email from Alyce Support inviting the user to login. 
  • In Alyce, the old user should disconnect the Salesforce Integration before the new user connects.
  • The new user does not need to redo the steps in the Alyce Administration Page in Salesforce. These settings will retain.

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