Direct Delivery FAQ

What is Direct Delivery?

This is our new gifting method that delivers gifts directly to the recipient. With this method there is no gift invitation, instead you pick the gift you want to send to the recipient. This allows you to surprise and delight recipients and stand out during the outreach process. 

What gifts are available for Direct Delivery?

To ensure that your brand is clear to your recipients, Direct Delivery is only available for Branded Products at this time. Stay tuned for an expanded marketplace for Direct Delivery soon!

What kind of packaging and printed card will recipients get with the delivered gift?

We offer a range of packaging options depending on your needs and budget. Please check with your CSM to find out what your current subscription includes and what additional options are available!

How can I best ensure the gift gets delivered properly?

The most important way to ensure this is to source accurate mailing addresses directly from your recipients. Since people can refuse to accept deliveries to their personal mailing addresses it is best to get some confirmation you can send them mail before sending a Direct Delivery gift. Lastly, our address verification feature will always check your addresses and suggest a verified delivery address for you to use. It is always recommended you use the verified address.

What are some suggested ways to use Direct Delivery?

Direct Delivery gifts work with seasoned leads or reliable customers. It can be very effective for timely occasions such as congratulation gifts or “get well soon” baskets. It can also be useful for event follow up after collecting information from attendees. For more use cases reach out to your CSM to get started!

How do I know if a gift was delivered or returned?

The sender will receive an email notification when the gift gets delivered to the recipient or if it gets returned to the sender so further action can be taken.

What happens if the gift is returned or undeliverable?

First your account will be charged a $10 restocking fee for the returned item. This is due to our vendors having to make space for the returned inventory. Depending on the return reason our support team may reach out to find a new address to resend the item. If you have any questions please reach out directly to [email protected]

How do I know if I have permission to send something to a recipient's mailing address?

Alyce recommends that you consult your company internally before sending gifts directly to recipients to ensure you are following any privacy policies and GDPR guidelines. If you have further questions about this please reach out to your CSM!