Installing the Alyce for Microsoft Dynamics Integration

This guide will walk you through the installation for the Alyce for Microsoft Dynamics Integration.  Please reach out to your CSM before beginning the install to ensure your account has all the necessary features enabled. 

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft App Store and install the Alyce for Dynamics application by clicking “Get it Now”
  2. Select the environment you want to install the application and the click “install”:
  3. Once it completes the installation process navigate to the Alyce Dashboard > Settings > Org Integrations > Dynamics (note: you must be an Org Admin to complete this step)

Enter your CRM URL and click “Sync App” once that is successful click “Authorize connection” to complete the installation. Your users will now be able to send Alyce gifts directly from Dynamics.

  1. Next you will set up our Microsoft Dynamics automation powered by Workato in order to send data from (note: it is not necessary to to have Workato account to use this feature it is included in your Alyce subscription). Under Org Integrations navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics Tile and click “Connect”:
  2. Click “Manage your Microsoft Dynamics Integration” and follow the steps to connect your Dynamics account.
  3. Click “Start” next to any of the gift status you want to sync to Microsoft Dynamics. All of these are included in your subscription for no additional cost so we recommend enabling them all to get the most up to date gift information in Dynamics. 
  4. Once they are successfully running they will update automatically whenever they is new gift information. 
  5. Congratulations you have completed the installation of the Alyce for Dynamics integration. Please use our “How to utilize the Alyce for Dynamics Integration” Help Center article for more information!