Getting Started with the Billing Insights Dashboard

Located in the main navigation of your Alyce instance, the Billing Insights Dashboard offers Organization Owners and Team Admins an overview of your gifting performance. This dashboard is useful for the analysis, forecasting, and optimization of your team's usage of Alyce. More information can be found in our Billing Insights FAQ

In this article, we will learn about the four main components of the Billing Insights Dashboard:

  1. Overview
  2. Invites Sent Breakdown
  3. Accepted Gift Cost Breakdown
  4. Reports


This section provides an instance-wide snapshot into your organization’s usage.

Inventory of physical invitations
Used to track how many physical invitations remain for your organization. Physical invitations include Cedar, Gallery and Sleek Boxes as well as Lovepop cards. More detail on these can be seen here.

Total Users

This is a total count of users across all teams in your organization.

Total Teams

This is the total number of teams within your organization, this includes teams that have not yet sent any gift invites.

Remaining Gift Deposit

This shows the remaining gift deposit in aggregate for your organization. As of February 2021 this is not enabled for all of our customers but your Customer Success Manager can enable this for you if requested.

As gifts are accepted by recipients this deposit is updated in real time. Funds are added on a weekly basis to this total once an Invoice is issued. It is possible to have a negative deposit if your account has been particularly busy! Our invoices will include enough funds to reset your organization to the gift deposit defined in your contract.If you are expecting higher than usual volume for your organization we’re happy to issue a larger invoice than usual. Please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or our Support team to help coordinate this. 

Invites Sent Breakdown

This section tracks the number of invitations sent within a date range. They are broken down by group (which may or may not be broken into Teams), and then further partitioned by Invitation Type.


Teams are one of the primary organizational structures within an organization. All users must be assigned at least one team to access an organization. Campaigns are created within a team and can only be associated with a single Team. Your Customer Success Manager can help you create a Team Structure. Teams allow for segmenting and reporting.

For organizations with multiple gift deposits a single team can only draw from one gift deposit.


A Group is created when multiple teams are pulling from the same Gift Deposit. These are configured on the Alyce side and can be renamed as required.

Ungrouped Teams

You may see "Ungrouped Teams" noted on this page. This will capture any additional Teams that have their own Gift Deposit.Note: The Sent Date corresponds with the date a Team Member clicked "Send Gift" on their gift invitation. There may be a gap between the date a gift was sent and the date the gift was actually accepted. 

Accepted Gift Cost Breakdown

This section shows accepted gift costs within a timeframe for each Group/Team as well as by invitation type.

Gifts Accepted

Total number of gifts accepted within the selected time-frame. Keep in mind that Alyce’s filtering is in UTC.


This gives a granular breakdown of the accepted value and count by entity. Click the entity to see the types of invites.

Accepted ($)

The total value of gifts that have been claimed by your recipients. This will increase in real-time as recipients accept your Gift Invitations.

Accepted (#)

The count of accepted gifts.

Note: Gifts that have been redeemed, but have not been processed by Alyce will not appear in this table. Only after it has been processed, will a gift be considered "Accepted." 

Exporting ReportsBoth Invites Sent Breakdown and Accepted Cost Breakdown can be exported via email. This feature can be found via the “Email Report” link in the upper right hand corner. 

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