Alyce Billing Insights FAQs

What is my balance?
Admins can check the balance for your organization from the Billing Dashboard

Where can I see my deposit information?

Our team updates deposits weekly. You can see your deposit history from the Transactions tab in Billing Insights.

Why isn’t the platform reflecting a recent payment we made?

  As soon as Alyce sends an invoice, we’ll adjust the balance on your account. Some special circumstances affect the total amount available for gifts:

  • Teams which are part of a group share gifting deposits. If one team has a large campaign, this can affect the total amount available for other teams in the group. Alyce Tip: If you are planning a special campaign, let your Account Manager know and we can help you top up your balance in advance
  • If there are multiple deposits the summary will display the values added together. If one team is negative, an individual team may have a larger available deposit than the organization.
  • Physical invitation inventories are updated regularly. If you’re not seeing updated quantities after making a purchase, please reach out with some information and we will work with your account team to confirm they were added and when.

Where can I get my invoice(s)?
Your invoice will be sent to your billing contact monthly via email. If you need to update this contact information, please reach out to your Account Manager, your Customer Success Manager, or the Alyce Support team. We’re also happy to add recipients to the contact list to ensure smooth communication within your team.

Who manages my account and how can I contact them?
Your Account Manager and CSM can assist with any questions about your account. If you are not sure how to reach them, email [email protected] for assistance

How do I read the 'Teams' section? Why am I seeing Teams I’m not a part of?
For a more in depth explanation of how Teams work, check out our article here. In short, each team can have their own balance, and campaigns. Users with access to Billing Insights will see all Teams in the Organization (even if they don’t have access to that Team). In other parts of Alyce, users only see Teams they are a member of.

Why can’t I see my team?
When adjusting the date range to a time period before the creation of your team, the team may not be displayed in the list. Adjust the date range again to see your team in the list.

When was the last invoice sent?
We send invoices monthly on the first of the month. Accounts are reconciled at the end of the month. If your account balance did not fall below $1,000, you may not receive an invoice for that month.
To view your invoices, head to your Billing Ledger, click into the “Operation Types” menu, and select just the “Invoice” option.

Why is my invoice for more than I expected?
Each group has a contracted gift balance. When we invoice at the beginning of the month, the amount will cover the difference between that agreed amount, plus spending by teams that resulted in a negative balance. In other words, we won’t invoice to return your group to a zero balance, but rather back up to the balance agreed upon.

For example, if your team has a contracted gift balance of $1,000 and your teams have excelled with gifting this month, leaving your account at -$500, your invoice will look like this:

Contracted amount: $1,000
Current Balance: $-500
Top up amount: $1,500

Why is my amount negative?
If you have used your group or team deposit, it is possible for your account to have a negative balance. That is ok though! Your next invoice will cover the total amount to get back to your contract deposit level, plus any extra that was used in the prior month

I still have questions. How do I contact support?
Email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to clarify any questions you have!

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