How to Manage Team Settings in Alyce

Understand how to manage Team Settings in Alyce as an Admin.

General Tab

  • Team name: This is where you will name your team. Make it descriptive and unlike any other so there is no confusion.
  • Team owner: This is the person that will own the management of this team. It can be the overall Admin, or the manager of the team. Whatever makes sense for your organization.
  • Unsubscribe link: In order to follow CAN-SPAM rules, you will need to add your company's unsubscribe link to this part of the settings in order for people to opt-out of communications for your company.  
  • Follow up preference: Alyce can send automated follow up emails for you to remind recipients to claim their gifts. If you plan to do this with your marketing or sales tool,  you can turn this setting off.

Gift Invites Tab

  • Inventory and availability: This is where you can decide what deliver methods you want this team to have access to for sending Alyce gifts. For example, email-only invitations, Gallery edition boxes, love pop cards, etc. (For more details on Alyce invitation types see this article)
  • Gift types: This is where you can decide what kind of gift types you'll allow this team to be viewed inside of the marketplace. For example, Gift cards, physical gifts, subscriptions, donations, etc).
  • Gift vendors: Generally speaking we recommend leaving our marketplace options open for all teams. However for some teams, you may not want them to have access to all gift vendors. Should you need to restrict, this is where you can mark down specific vendors to omit from the marketplace.