Types of Gifts

With thousands of gifts on the Alyce marketplace, there is something for all of your recipients!  

Alyce gives you the ability to set budgets for your gifts so that you can find something for each of your recipients at the right price range.

Below are the different types of gifts you can send through Alyce, including a description and examples of each:

  • Physical - your classic gift; a physical item that arrives in the mail
    • Examples: Google Home Mini, Weekender Bag, New England Patriots Swag Set, etc.
  • Subscription - memberships to subscription boxes/services
    • Examples: Birchbox Woman/Man, Spotify Premium, BlueApron, etc.
  • On-Demand - services that come to you 
    • Examples: In-Home Massage (from Soothe), Portrait Session (Professional Photographer), At Home Hair and Nails Glam Session, etc.
  • Experience - tour or other activity to do something fun/exciting/new
    • Examples: Historic Pub and Pizza Tasting Tour of Boston for 2, San Francisco Catamaran Cruise for 2 (San Francisco region), Ultimate Helicopter Tour for 2 (New York Region), etc.
  • Gift Card - credit to a store, restaurant, marketplace, etc.
    • Examples: Amazon, DoorDash, Starbucks, etc.  
  • Donation - donate a pre-determined amount to a charity of choice
    • We have over 300 choices in our Marketplace, plus a Choose Your Own option to allow your recipient to send money to their favorite registered charity
  • Branded Product (Swag) - these are products we can place in our marketplace that are either one-off with one of our partner vendors or we can utilize your existing swag vendor. Contact your CSM to set up a Swag catalog for your campaigns.

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