Alyce 1: Many FAQs

Will my recipients receive email reminders from Alyce after viewing the landing page?

Yes, if your Follow Up Preference in Team Settings is set to send reminder emails to recipients. Turn this feature off to disable reminder emails from Alyce.

Can a gift be accepted twice by the same recipient?

No, each recipient (email address) is limited to 1 claimed gift per 1:Many Campaign.

Can I change the initial gift after the campaign creation?

Yes, you can change the gift under "Default Gift" in campaign settings. For instructions on how to change the gift, click here.

Can I add recipients to an existing 1:Many campaign?

Yes.  Regardless of the original source of the recipient list ( upload or Marketo integration) you can contribute additional contacts via single name addition or XLSX upload within the Campaign Settings under Recipient Restrictions.

Can I remove recipients from an existing 1:Many campaign?

This action is not currently available.

Do I need to have a First and Last Name to add someone as an eligible recipient?

No, only email address is required. In this case, Alyce will ask for the First and Last Name if and when the recipient accesses the landing page.

Will the 1:Many link be available within Salesforce?

No, 1:Many links are not available in Salesforce.

When will data on my 1:Many recipients be synchronized to Salesforce?

Once the recipient has viewed the 1:Many landing page.

1:Many & Marketo

Will modifications to a Marketo Static List have any impact on the 1:Many campaign I created using that list?

No, adding or removing names from the Marketo Static List will have no impact on the list of authorized recipients. 

When I send a 1:Many link from Marketo, are recipients automatically authenticated through to the landing page?

Yes!  When an 1:Many link is sent from Marketo, a Marketo specific email token is appended to the URL, by Marketo. This is used when the recipient clicks the link to automatically authenticate them through to the landing page.  NOTE: If the recipient has no value for Name in Marketo, only an email address, Alyce will ask for First and Last Name in order to access the invitation.

What happens if the 1:Many link was created using a Marketo Static List or Smart Campaign, but I want to send the URL from outside of Marketo?

In this situation, the recipient will be required to authenticate by providing their email address because no Marketo email token is appended to the URL when sent outside of Marketo.

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