Getting Started With Instant Gifting

When you already have a relationship with a customer or prospect, or you already know something about them, you don’t necessarily need research to tell you the perfect gift to send. Alyce Instant Gifting gives you the ability to quickly and easily send gifts to the people you already know, in order to advance and strengthen that relationship. 

Getting Started

Manage your campaign settings to enable Instant Gifting:

Before you send your first Instant Gift, activate Instant Gifting in your campaign settings. 

  • In your Alyce instance, navigate to the Campaigns page by clicking "Campaigns" in the top navigation bar.
  • From this page, hover your cursor over the campaign you wish to edit.
  • From the Campaign Setting page, scroll down to Gift Research options
  • Select “Enable Choice of Instant Gift or Research” or "Instant Gift" then click “Save.”

Manage your campaign settings to set the allowable value of your Instant Gifting Campaign

Sending your first Instant Gift:

Using the insights from the relationship you've already built, you can select a gift to delight your prospect or customer.  

A personal Instant Gift is powerful, but it’s made more powerful by a well crafted message. Learn more about how to make a message that’s both personal and effective.

If it’s your first time signing in and your profile isn’t set up, be sure to Set Up Your Alyce Profile before sending a gift.

  • From the upper righthand corner, click the yellow "Send a Gift” button.
  • Use the open text field under “Who are you sending this invite to?” to enter the name of the person to whom you’d like to send a gift.
  • If you don’t already have your contact saved in Alyce, click “Create New Contact” and add the following information:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Work Email Address
    • Name of their Company
    • Verify their Country

Please note: You must choose the correct country, as this will affect what campaigns can be selected

Once your contact is added, the next step is to select the Campaign - or purpose - of your gifting occasion. If you’re not sure which campaign to use to send an Instant Gift, please contact your Alyce Admin for guidance.

As soon as your Campaign is selected, Alyce will start gathering information on the contact you've selected. 

Once Alyce has produced the initial research on your giftee, you'll be presented with three gift options plus the option to review this contact's personal profiles:

Select your gift and confirm your choice. Alyce will then take you to the next step of the gifting process where you select your Invitation Type and draft your message to your giftee. 


Why am I only seeing "Research Required" when I send a gift

If your only gifting option is "Research Required" that means, Instant gifting is not enabled. Please contact your Alyce admin for assistance with your campaign configuration.  

What is the difference between "Instant Gifting" and "Gifting with Research"?

With two types of gifting options available, it helps to understand the difference between each:

  • “Instant Gifting”: Within the gifting flow, gifters will instantly (no wait time) get 3 gift recommendations of broadly appealing gifts. Gifters will also be able to access the full marketplace to find and select a gift.  
  • "Gifting with Research": Alyce’s AI and human-verified research team gathers personal interest data on prospects and recommends 3 personal gifts to send based on their interests. 

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